Dabu prints of chithorgarh

Aakola village of chithoragrah is famous for dabu print. For any place where the colour is not to be placed is covered by some Abstraction .This special design is known as dabu, because is presses the portion of cloth were the color is not to be highlighted. Dabu print is most important in aakola.

In swaimadhopur wax ,in balotra of send ,in sanganare and bagaru of wheat  are used to distrint the Colour and present colorful design of dabu print of Rajasthan.

Because of bedhach river of Rajasthan and local black soil the color of clothes is dark and effective .

Dabu prints sarees are more preferred in Urban areas of Rajasthan while on the other hand dabu Dabu print of Rajasthan are basically colored using the white road of Mumbai.

In aakola for hand print the wooded marks are used to create the creative rajasthani dabu print ,these called are batkade.
They are produced by the local worker in aakola chithorgarh..