• KDixit

    Dear RasFreeNotes team ÷ sir first of all thanks a lot for whatever you are doing is priceless for student lIke us from corners of Rajasthan.Sir i want to join online classes but would you please update topics going to cover in each lecture subject wise .It will help us to plan accordingly.
    Sir will you please post strategies for pre as well as mains exam.I want to prepare both side by side.How to read..what should be read..sir state psc and upsc exam approach is different..plz suggest how should i plan accordingly.sir i and lot others will be so thankful to you.i think it is first website for state pcs exam on the lines of Mrunal and Insight.Thanks a lot for making us to prepare for exam at home.

    • rasbaba

      Thanks for the appreciation, well we are not good enough to be compared with the likes of mrunal or insight, but we are trying our best to provide the best possible guidance to our students.
      The question of strategy for Prelims and mains will be posted soon ,sorry for the delay.
      Video lectures program will have detailed videos on all the topics listed in RAS Prelims and mains syllabus. We can’t provide the list as such bcuz the videos will be added and modified based on the subscriber ‘s reviews. We currently have complete polity,history,art and culture, economy and geography videos rest topics including Rajasthan specific are currently being prepared at an lighting speed with caution of quality.
      Rasfreenotes team