Rajasthan : Soils of Rajasthan for RAS/RTS Prelims Exam

The soils of Rajasthan are complex, and highly variable, reflecting a variety of differing parent materials, physiographic land features, range of distribution of rainfall and its effects, etc.  However, broadly, the soils can be put in five major groups, based on the basic fabric of soils i.e. soil texture which governs its many other properties.  They are,

(1) sandy soils or light soils,

(2) sandy loam or light medium soils,

(3) loam or medium soils,

(4) clay loam to clay or heavy soils and

(5) skeletal soils or shallow rocky and hilly soils.

Soil Problems and Management in Rajasthan:-

Major problems are as follows:-

  1. Salinity and Alkalinity
  2. Wind Erosion
  3. Shifting sand dunes
  4. Ravine lands
  5. Water logging
  6. Low soil moisture
  7. Soil conservation



  • Animesh Garg

    Can we please have an elaborate classification of soils of Rajasthan?