Test 3: RAS/RTS Mains Detailed Syllabus

Economic Concepts and Indian Economy

  • ? Accounting- Techniques of Analysis of Financial Statements, Working Capital Management.
  • ? Auditing- Meaning, Objects, Detection of Frauds and Errors, Internal Control, Social Audit, Propriety Audit, Performance Audit, Efficiency Audit.
  • ? Budgeting- Different types of Budgeting, Budgetary Control, Responsibility Accounting, Social Accounting, Different types of Deficits- Budgetary, Fiscal & Revenue Deficit.
  • ? Major Sectors of Economy- Agriculture, Industry, Service and Trade- Current Status, Issues & initiatives.
  • ? Banking- Role of Commercial Banks, Issue of NPA, Financial Inclusion
  • ? Major Economic Problems and Government Initiatives.
  • ? Growth, Development & Planning- Issues, trends & initiatives; Fast, inclusive & Sustainable Growth. Growth Indicators.
  • ? Public Finance, Monetary Policies, Inflation & Control Mechanism, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, CRR & SLR. Tax Reforms in India, Direct & Indirect Tax Reforms. Subsidies- Cash Transfer of Subsidy Issue.
  • ? Concept of Money Supply and High Powered Money.
  • ? Food Security & PDS.
  • ? Role of Foreign Capital, MNCs in Indian Economy.
  • ? Investment and Disinvestment Policies.
  • ? New waves of Economic Reforms in India.
  • ? Role and Functions of Reserve Bank, SEBI, Planning Commission.

Economy of Rajasthan

  • ? Macro overview of Economy of Rajasthan.
  • ? Major Agricultural, Industrial and Service sector Issues.
  • ? Growth, Development and Planning with special reference to Rajasthan.
  • ? Infrastructure & Resources, Sources of high growth for Rajasthan Economy.
  • ? Major development projects of Rajasthan.
  • ? Public Private Partnership Model for Economic Transformation in the State.
  • ? Demographic Scenario of the State and its impact.
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