Saints of Rajasthan:RAS/RTS Mains updated syllabus

Saints of Rajasthan can be Characterized as Bhakti saints and Warior saints.

Famous Bhakti Saints of Rajasthan are:-

  1. Dadu Dayal:-  Daduji belongs to the lineage of Sants and Naths like Kabir and Nanak.  Born in Ahmedabad in 1544, he made Rajasthan his home and attained Samadhi in Naraina in Jaipur district in 1601.  Emperor Akbar is said to have been one of his followers.  The Dadupanth was established in his very lifetime.Part of the legacy of Dadupanth are a wealth of literature and manuscripts, it produced over the centuries.  This wealth includes very ancient manuscripts attributed to Kabir, Namdev and Raidas.
  2. Mira Bai:- Mirabai was a great saint and devotee of Sri Krishna. Despite facing criticism and hostility from her own family, she lived an exemplary saintly life and composed many devotional bhajans.
  3. Lal Das:-Saint of mewar region and rose above the caste barriers.
  4. Charan Das:- Charandas was born in Derha, near Alwar, in Rajasthan. Charandas is the author of around twenty works. Many of these are in verse and deal with aspects of devotion, particularly relating to the worship of Krishna. He wrote commentaries on various Upanishads, particularly the Katha Upanishad, and on specific yoga practices, especially Pranayama, control of the breath.
  5. Mavaji:- a highly revered saint considered to be an incarination of Lord Vishnu. Two disciples of Mavji named Aje and Vaje built the Lakshmi- Narain Temple near the confluence of rivers Som and Mahi.

Warrior Saints of Rajasthan took the responsibility to protect the Dharma from the invaders and finally emerged as the protector of Brahmans,women, Cows and poor people from the invaders particularly the Muslims.They emphasized on the Karma.