State Election Commission: for RAS/RTS Mains updated syllabus

State Election Commissioner is appointed by the Governor of the state on the recommendation of the State Government for a period not exceeding five years from the date of his appointment as Commissioner or until he attains the age of sixty seven years, whichever is earlier.

The State Election Commissioner shall not be removed from his office except in like manner and on the like grounds as a Judge of High Court and the Condition of service of the State Election Commissioner shall not be varied to his disadvantage after his appointment.

A person to be eligible for appointment to the post of the Commissioner must have been an officer of the level of Joint Secretary or above in the Central Government or Secretary in the State Government.

State election commission has following functions:-

  • It carries out activities related to preparation of wards / election division as per local bodies rules,
  • decision of boundaries and distribution of seats along with preparation of voters list for the local bodies organizations like Gram Panchayat, Taluka and District Panchayat / Municipality and Municipal Corporation of the state and
  • conducting general / mid-term / bye-elections and supervising them.
  • For all these functions, the authority is vested in the State Election Commission under Article 243 K under which it has been empowered with Superintendence, Direction and Control of elections of local bodies.
  • Appointment of District Election Officer for Panchayat elections, District Municipal Election Officer for elections of municipality and City Election Officer for the elections of municipal corporation .
  • State election commission empowers the collectors for all activities related to elections of Gram Panchayat where as the delimitation and allocation of seats for various reserved categories, voter’s list, election programs and other related activities are carrying out by State Election Commission.

Elections to Municipal bodies are being held in Rajasthan since 1960 by local self department. The 1st election was conducted by Election Department in 1963. Thereafter in some group of Municipal bodies elections were conducted by the Election Department in 1970, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1982, 1986. General Elections to 45 Municipal bodies were conducted by the SEC in 1994 and to 137 Municipal bodies in 1995. Thereafter the general election to these bodies were again held in 1999-2000, 2004-2005 and 2009-2010. The last general election for 46 Municipal bodies have been conducted by the SEC in November, 2014.

Rajasthan has a three-tier system of Panchayati Raj with 33 Zila Parishads (District level), 295 Panchayat Samities (Block level) and 9900 Panchayats (Village level, comprising of a village or a group of villages). Each Zila Parishad has territorial constituencies. A Zila Parishad having population upto 4 lacs has 17 constituencies and in case the population exceeds 4 lacs, then for every one lac or part of these in excess of 4 lacs, the number of constituencies will increase by two. The 33 Zila Parishads at present have 1014 constituencies.

Similarly, Panchayat Samities also have territorial constituencies.  A Panchayat Samiti having population upto one lac consists of 15 constituencies and in case the population exceeds one lac then for every 15000 or part  thereof in excess of one lac the number of constituencies increases by two. The 295 Panchayat Samities are presently divided into 6236 constituencies.

Each Panchayat has been divided into wards. The 9894 Panchayats at present have 107707 wards.

In Rajasthan, urban local bodies are called Municipalities, Municipal Councils and Municipal Corporations. The Commission discharges its constitutional duty by way of preparing electoral rolls and holding elections for Municipal bodies under Article 243ZA. At present, Rajasthan has 188 Municipal bodies with 5232 territorial constituencies.

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