Test 1 :-Indian History-Modern Period

1. Who among the following Indian rulers established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines:-


2. Which of the following begin with the Dandi March:-



3. On 14th July 1942, “BHARAT CHODO ANDOLAN” was passed at:


4. The whole dispute between Subhas chandra bose and Right wing, after the Tripuri session of congress centers around to the question of:


5. Which Political agent was murdered in Ahua in 1857:


6. First three Universities (Kolkata, Mumbai, Madras) was etablished in year:


7. In which province Muslim league formed govt. after 1946 election:


8. 1924 Congress adhiveshan was held under chairmanship of Mahatma Gandhi at:


9. Who set up the planning commission of India:-



10. Who was the leader of Gaddar party

Bhagat Singh

Lala hardayal Bal Gangadhar Tilak VD Savarkar

Ans b



11. Who was the first Governor general of India:


12. 19th century’s main Parsi Socialite is:


13. Vivekanad participated in Parliament of the World’s Religions during year:


14. Who represented Congress in 2nd Round table conference:


15. Famous bardoli agitation of farmers was led by:


16. How may princely states merged to from Rajasthan:


17. Identify the tribal Revolution based on the following characteristics

  1. It  occurred chota Nagpur region
  2. The tribal inhabitants rebelled  against high revenue rates
  3. There was no peaceful negotiation and the revolution was completely violent



18. Who was the viceroy of India when the rovolt Act was passed




Which factors contributed in Bengal victory of East India Company in Bengal

  1. Ignorance of Nawab of Bengal for outer world
  2. Weak military power of Bengal
  3. Administrative corruption
  4. Moral decline of nawabs

Which of the following are correct:-


20. Which act intriduced DYARCHY at the center: