Test 1 :-Geography of Rajasthan

This is an objective test for RAS(RTS) exam of RPSC, specifically designed by rasfreenotes.in team.
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1. 90% of Asbestos in Rajasthan is produced by:


2. Heavy rainfall in pushkar, where does the flood occurs:


3. Adjacent district in Rajasthan are:


4. Asia’s Best Zinc,Lead ore are present at:


5. SEM in rajasthan is related to:


6. In ancient time Flood in Ghaggar River reaches to:


7. What is the height of Guru shikar peak in Rajasthan


8. Jal durg is situated at:


9. Two dams on Chamal, situated in Rajasthan:


10. In which direction Monsoon rainfall in rajasthan increases


11. District with least population density in rajasthan:


12. Which district have highest Human density:


13. Which group of district has highest forest area:


14. Which city in Rajsthan has lower surface than the river’s surface near it:


15. Rajasthan state industrial development and investment corporation(RICCO) helps in:


16. Which city is known as Menchaster of rajasthan:


17. “KUBADPATTI” of rajathan is located at:


18. Rajasthan Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited is situated at:


19. Which process makes Western Rajasthan’s soil Acidic and Alkaline:


20. As per census 2011, which district have highest rural population %:


21. Which city is called Suncity:


22. Which district produces Highest calories:


23. Lathi Series is:


24. Rana Pratap sagar Power project is situated at:


25. Which  district produced largest ISABGOL:


26. Desert development programme was started in rajasthan:


27. CDFST(College of daily and food science Technology) is situated at:


28. THARPARKAR Tribe is found in:


29. Maximum production of KHAS comes from:


30. Nagaur is known for which crop with Scent:


31. Indira Gandhi Canal starts from: