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    He works his iPhone 7 to give it the look of an iPhone 5S very damaged

    An Internet machined iPhone 7 brand new to give it the look of an iPhone 5S a bit dilapidated. This is the massacre of the day, and we owe it to an Apple fan disappointed handyman 7 design, but that seems to be still purchased to change suddenly circular saw. To each his passions!

    He works his iPhone 7 to give it the look of an iPhone 5S very damaged
    Why did he do that? Visibly disappointed that Apple has introduced the iPhone 7 with a look on from the previous generation , a user had the idea to machine the high-end smartphone he had just bought. After duly removed the electronics housing, then we see the frail anodized casing undergo plane blows on each side.
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    A big toothless circular saw metal unaffordable to the device. We even printing on a plan that for some unknown reason, the author of the massacre chose to leave the SIM tray in place. Which seems sufficient to destroy the rim that prevents enter the unit and possibly compromise the seal of the iPhone 7 .

    But why such a massacre?

    To complete the look the rounded edges can also be seen planing using an electric sander. The video ends, and even with a cute faux-Apple music over, the result does not really want, as you’ll see for yourself:

    One question: who among you would dare destroy or alter the appearance of a high-end smartphone that you just bought? I am personally quite fascinated by these people who destroy, massacre, or modify (reduce the risk of its life) an investment of several hundred euros. Not you ?

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