Test 1 :- Science tech

This is an objective test for RAS(RTS) exam of RPSC, specifically designed by rasfreenotes.in team.
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1. Candle flame burn at Mirco-Gravity:


2. By which process the sea water can be converted into pure water:


3. Archaeopteryx” is connecting link between:


4. For which desirable character the transgenic Crop “GOLDEN RICE” is produced:


5. We can See Sun before Actual sunrise due to:


6. At which Fahrenheit Temperature, its double to Centigrade Temperature:


7. Pheromones are found in:


8. Minamata disease is caused by:


9. Divers uses which gas along with Oxygen in sea:


10. Power Pack” Scheme is related to:


11. Which one of the following group of organism has significance in diagnosing the death by drowning:


12. When Floating piece of Ice in water melt, The level of water


13. Which component is not present in German Silver:


14. Which one of following is used for synthesis of Polythene:


15. By which process Alum cleans the muddy water:


16. Minimum distance requires for Clear “ECHO” of sound:


17. Azolla-Anabaena Bio-fertilizer is used for crop:


18. Pearl is mainly constituted of:


19. Which gland produces Milk producing hormone:


20. Which of following gas has minimum quantity in atmosphere:


21. Super Computer’s Word length Range is:



22. Big Bang theory is related to:


23. Which one of the following acid is formed during the change of milk into curd