What is Geothermal energy and how it is being used? 4 marks 2010

Geothermal energy is energy in the form of sensible heat that originates within the earth’s crust and makes its way to the surface by conduction. Heat may be conducted upward through solid rocks or carried upwabasics_clip_image002_0006rd by circulating ground water that is heated at depth and makes its return to the surface. Geothermal activities are in general associated with igneous activities.

At some geothermal localities the ground water reached the surface as hot springs, fumarole
s and geysers.

Geothermal energy could be harnessed to produce electricity and would help in combating the power shortage. The enormous amount of heat energy released due to igneous 4-1-5-geopoweractivity and radioactive decays belo
w the surface of earth could be converted into electricity as shown in the figure.


Geothermal activities also bring precious minerals to the surface of the earth.